Spatial perspective, blissful, immortalized present, not spending more time, self-regard, Pseudobulbar affect, emotional incontinence, labile mood, with regret or to the future with dread, stress-release mechanism, being "there" over being “here”, alacrima, empathetic mediation of the mirror neurons network, adrenocorticotropic hormone, leucine enkephalin, insincere display of grief or dishonest remorse, just like you



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rich, interwoven tapestry of sonic events, glued together as tight layers (pulsing electronics, clipped instructions reminiscent of ‘Revolution #9’, and that incessant, troubling laughter – which collapses into distress
— Further. a small music blog
...the house band of a forgotten surrealist saloon, their plaintive torch songs loose but indomitable
— The Wire
...the neoclassical outsider of pop
— Groove
...a crumbling prayer
— Radioaktiv
...ritualistic atmosphere, calling to mind a more ethereal take on Diamanda Galas.
— Cyclic Defrost